Evaluation Procedure & Timeline

The Solicitation,Engagement and Evaluation Department (SEED)  is responsible for evaluating proposals, both technical and financial. Each proposal is evaluated internally as well as externally. External evaluation is performed by experts in the relevant disciplines from academia as well as industry.

Internal Evaluation
The process of Internal Evaluation starts with the submission of a proposal by the applicant. The company formally informs the applicant of the receipt of the proposal. In case the information provided in the proposal is inadequate, the proposal is sent back to the applicant highlighting its deficiencies from both technical and financial perspectives, the applicant has also provided sufficient help to improve the proposal and the revised proposal is again evaluated. In case, the proposal is rejected, the applicant is informed accordingly.

External Evaluation
After successful completion of internal evaluation the proposal is sent to at least two external evaluators  or preferably three external evaluators who have expertise in the relevant area. In case of any changes or modifications marked by External Evaluators, the applicant is informed to do the same. The modified proposal is again sent to external evaluators for re-evaluation, if needed.

Recommendation or Rejection by Solicitation, Engagement & Evaluation Department
After external evaluation is completed, the proposal goes through review of specific internal departments of Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund). Considering overall evaluation feedback,  SEED does final review and prepares unbiased recommendations for approval/ rejection of the proposal. The proposals recommended by SEED will be processed for further approval.

Acceptance of Proposal

Once a proposal is endorsed by SEED for approval, it is reviewed by the Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) who have authority to approve proposals up to  PKR 40M. PAC can ask for revision or rejection of the proposal. The proposals exceeding PKR 40M needs review and approval of Board of Directors after endorsement by PAC. The board can ask for revision or rejection of the proposal.

Evaluation Time-Line:

Indicative evaluation time for each evaluation stage is summarized below.